Indoor Clothesline Room, These Are Things To Look For Before Making It

Creating an indoor clothesline as well as a place to wash is an option that can be tried.

Even though there are laundry services now available, many people still do the laundry independently. If you have a residence with a large yard, making a laundry room as well as a clothesline is certainly easier. However, what about tiny house owners?

There are several things that need to be considered before making an indoor clothesline.

Optimize Natural Light in the Room

Drying certainly requires sufficient sunlight and wind, so that clothes dry quickly. Even though drying indoors, you have to consider these two factors in the indoor drying room. Make sure the room has a window or a few openings for wind and sunlight circulation.

Pay attention to the area of the drying room

If your house is relatively small, then consider the area of the clothesline so it doesn’t make the interior of the house even cramped.
Actually, an indoor drying room does not need a large area, at least enough to accommodate clothes after washing.
You also have to pay attention to the washing schedule, so that clothes don’t pile up due to the limited room capacity.

Position the Clothesline Properly

The position of the indoor drying room must also be considered. Do not let you install a clothesline in the living room or kitchen, because it will disturb the beauty of the interior. It is better if the indoor clothesline is not far from the place to wash clothes, for example in the bathroom.

Take advantage of the Transparent Roof

If the indoor drying room is completely impenetrable by sunlight, then you can work around this by using a transparent roof.
No need to replace the entire roof of the room, just a portion of the roof to avoid overheating. The material used also varies, it can be made of glass, fiberglass, alsynite to solartuff, depending on needs.

Use the Right Flooring Material

This point is often overlooked when creating an indoor drying room, even though the floor material is very important for safety.
When drying clothes, of course the water will wet the floor. If you choose the wrong material for the floor, it can be dangerous because it is slippery. Choose a rough ceramic material or natural stone. If you don’t want to bother, then equate the floor with bathroom tiles.

Choose the Right Type of Clothesline

Apart from the place, the clothesline itself is an important element that must be considered. Starting from the placement, size, type, to how to install it. You have to pay attention to the size of the room and needs.
It’s better to install hangers that are practical and can be folded, to avoid the appearance of a narrow and tight room. In addition, pay attention to the material that makes the mushroom.
Even though the clothesline has an indoor concept, choose a hanger material that is anti-rust and not easily damaged. However, washing clothes releases water which can lead to rust.
You can choose a type of clothesline made of plastic, because this material is more rust resistant and durable.

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