Vintage: Caring for and Reviving Old Memories

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The vintage interior design style is more directed at creating a unique atmosphere and space atmosphere by applying various elements and decorative elements that tend to be “antique”.

Are you a collector of old things? Some kind of old relic treasure hunter?

Have you, for example, received an inheritance in the form of furniture, old rattan chairs, rare teak wood tables, antique wall clocks, or anything that is old and maybe historic objects that are so valuable? Is it from your parents, grandparents, or maybe from your close relatives? Would you choose to keep it in a chest and only open it at certain times? Or do you prefer to use and make use of them or to display them for one or two specific reasons?

Collecting and reusing old items is like caring for a memory. Maybe we will never fully realize, it can take us to the past, … Read more

7 Super Cool Door Designs That You Never Imagined Before

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If you are an observer of interior design ideas or in general the world of architecture, of course you are familiar with the name Oki Sato. A famous designer from Japan who founded a design studio called Studio Nendo.

With a myriad of prestigious achievements and awards, Oki Sato and his company, Studio Nendo, have become one of the world’s most famous designers and are widely known in the world of architecture.

His ideas and designs have never escaped a variety of awards, even being among the top 100 most influential and respected people in Japan.

In a celebration to award a 70th timber company called Abe Kogyo, the nendo studio designed seven ‘super cool’ doors that were launched as part of the timber company celebration.

Unique Door Design; Lamp

A door with lighting in one section, using cable techniques used as in electronic locks. Awesome.

Unique Door Design; Baby

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Importance of the Use Custom Furniture

If The Custom Furniture Encounters Have Problems What We Can Do ...

Our houses are characterized by different types of furniture. In all the places we visit, there is a certain type of furniture that is designed for that particular place. Some of the places where you will find furniture are offices, schools, hospitals, and hotels. It is important to find the right type of furniture that will perfectly suit your space.

What is Custom Furniture?

Custom furniture is any furniture that has been designed to fit in a specific environment. These include hospital furniture, kitchen furniture, school furniture, among other types of furniture. We should also keep in mind that furniture is any movable object intended to support various human activities such as sitting, reading, sleeping, eating, and many others as explained in Wikipedia.

Where can I Find Custom Furniture?

Many people have an interest in using custom furniture, but the main concern is where to get quality furniture. Good … Read more

Waterproofing For Your Basement In Humid Climates

Comprehensive Basement Waterproofing - Ohio Basement Authority

Waterproofing your basement is very important because you do not want to give up your home to the moisture that develops in your basement. You must have some basement waterproofing Louisville KY completed as soon as possible. You might want to call a company for waterproofing if you have noticed flooding or dripping water in the space. Each step in this process will keep your home as dry as possible. 

1. Waterproofing Estimates 

You must have a waterproofing estimate written for your home that makes the most sense for the house. There are many people who would like to waterproof certain parts of the basement because they have noticed that only certain rooms leak. However, there are much larger systems that will handle landscaping issues, the walls, and the floors. You must have an estimate that is cheaper than the competition, and you must ask the company how they … Read more

Freshen Up Your Interior Spaces with These Design Tips

Learn how our librarians have tailored to staying open during the renovation and what the long run holds for Central Library in episode 4 of the Pratt Restoration Series.

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