Vintage: Caring for and Reviving Old Memories

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The vintage interior design style is more directed at creating a unique atmosphere and space atmosphere by applying various elements and decorative elements that tend to be “antique”.

Are you a collector of old things? Some kind of old relic treasure hunter?

Have you, for example, received an inheritance in the form of furniture, old rattan chairs, rare teak wood tables, antique wall clocks, or anything that is old and maybe historic objects that are so valuable? Is it from your parents, grandparents, or maybe from your close relatives? Would you choose to keep it in a chest and only open it at certain times? Or do you prefer to use and make use of them or to display them for one or two specific reasons?

Collecting and reusing old items is like caring for a memory. Maybe we will never fully realize, it can take us to the past, romanticism.

Even so in interior design. Incorporating old elements into a room can evoke and create a cozy atmosphere and an old atmosphere that is very precious, full of warmth and color.

Retro Interior Design

Vintage, can mean anything that is old or outdated. Something that comes from memories and past times. In the world of interior design, this is the use of various elements and design elements as well as decorations or even furniture that was popular or widely used in the 1950s, 60s, and 1970s.

When compared to contemporary or modern interior design styles, this interior concept offers a visualization of a space that looks completely different. This interior appearance seems to take us back to the past.

However, it must also be understood that this interior style does not mean creating and adopting a luxurious and “grand” classic design style. The concept of vintage interior design is more directed at creating a unique atmosphere and space atmosphere by applying various decorative elements that tend to be “antique”.

Old items, iconic antique furniture, a number of rare collections, can give birth to an interior visualization that is elegant, understated, as well as unique.

In a vintage interior, incorporating old elements into the room can evoke and create a comfortable atmosphere and space atmosphere that is full of warmth and color.

Vintage Furniture

There are several things that must be considered to create a vintage atmosphere in the room.

Mixing various decorative elements as well as furniture such as old sofas, wooden tables, various collections of old items, is essential. You can also try to combine it with contemporary furnishings to get the perfect eclectic look, or so-called modern vintage.

Retro elements in a vintage interior design style can be very pronounced and dominant. This is due to the dominant use of a number of design elements and elements that contain old aesthetic and artistic values. For example, the use of furniture or furniture that was popular in the past, the use of old decorations, or it could be a contemporary furniture design that has a shape and is inspired by popular models in the previous era.

Can you notice in each picture, vintage interior styles use and apply a variety of very distinctive old decorations and furniture. This design style is a great way to treat memory and evoke old memories. An oldies style, but unique, and of course very visually appealing.

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