This Curtain Design Makes a Minimalist Home

There are many ways you can do to make a minimalist home look more attractive.

Although it doesn’t require a lot of furniture, a room in a minimalist home can look more alive with curtains.

The presence of curtains can also accent the rooms in a minimalist home that look plain and make it look wider.

Curtains with geometric motifs

If the minimalist house you live in has high windows, you can try curtain designs with geometric motifs.

Curtains with geometric motifs will be more pleasing to the eye if they are in the form of long curtains, which cover the area from the ceiling to the floor.

This curtain model is also suitable for simple rooms that need accents. In terms of color, choose a bright and neutral base color such as beige, yellow or light gray. Then choose a geometric motif in black or white.

Ombre color curtains

The ombre motif is loved by many people, not only in clothes but also in hair and curtains.

The ombre color gives an artistic and unique impression, perfect for those of you who still want to highlight a modern impression in the middle of a minimalist home.

Choose a color that is not excessive. You can use white ombre with gray or black.

Black curtains

Maybe many do not dare to use black as the color of the curtains. However, black curtains can actually give the impression of a more elegant room.

In order not to be too dark, combine it with furniture that is dominated by neutral and bright colors. Also provide sufficient lighting so that the room is not too dark.

Thin white curtains

The use of thin white curtains is highly recommended for minimalist homes. This type of curtain will let light in perfectly, giving the room a broad and bright impression.

It’s just that, if you want to use these curtains, make sure the window doesn’t face the sun directly.

This is because the sheer white curtains can’t completely block the sun’s rays so they can dazzle you.

Tie-dye curtains

Tie-dye is a method of dyeing fabrics by tying and dipping the fabric in dye.

The color motifs that will appear later are abstract and irregular, which will give an artistic impression to a minimalist home. Choose a white base color to match the furniture color.

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