Front Porch Remodel

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Front Porch RemodelDesigned and constructed by Todd Wilson of Wilson Design & Building, Inc. For many people, rocking chairs conjure up pictures of aged couples sitting aspect-by-facet on the front porch, grandparents sitting of their rockers telling grand tales, or a mum or dad soothing a fussy infant or rocking him to sleep. Rocking chairs have always been in style in my family. My parents used one in my nursery to rock me to sleep, and my grandpa made lovely rocking chairs, together with a child-sized rocker for me when I was slightly girl, and which nonetheless has a place of honour in my front room at present. Each of my young nephews love the chair and take turns sitting in it every time they’re visiting. I even have a gliding rocking chair that belonged to my grandpa – it was my favourite chair to sit in every time I visited him … Read more

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