Simple yet Fascinating Home Decor, Adding Character and Personality to Every Room

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Simple home decoration, such as incorporating elements and classic design elements, is able to juggle each room to look more cool and has a glam charm.

So that your house can look very stylish and classy, ​​beautiful and charming and more charming, all you have to do is not incorporate elements of luxury design and decoration into the house.

Simple minimalist home decor, not too complicated to do. A simple home decor, such as incorporating elements and classic design elements, is able to juggle each room increasingly looks cool and has a glam charm. In fact, the right decoration and the right, also able to exude character and personality.

Decorating a house by installing furniture with a cool model, a pleasant accessory and / or heritage inherited from parents, can give birth to the atmosphere and feel of a distinctive space.

And to be able to display the character and personality in the room is a step that is not easy, aka quite difficult. Especially in a new home that even since the beginning of its construction, you haven’t or haven’t had time to think about what your home will look like in the future.

Dressing the house is a way to include unique and distinctive elements. Elements and design elements that fit your personality. Keep in mind, adding charm to each room is one of the goals of interior design.

Not only that, the design of the facade of your house or exterior of your home is also fitting for a good decorating idea. The facade of the house is the first appearance of the house you occupy. Paint the front door can be considered as one part of a simple home decoration that you can do.

For the record, what is meant here simply refers to things that are easy in some situations that may not be directly related to price.

Simple home decoration, in some situations is a choice which, if converted to the price, can be very cheap or even very expensive. But certainly, including the following decor elements is a very appropriate decision you can make to add character to your home. Gives charm and appearance that is simple but luxurious and elegant.

Add character to the front of the house with paint color

Give a kind of distinctive appearance on the front of your home. Giving color to the front door with a choice of bold colors, can add to people’s interest in your home.

To get a rather classic look, choose red. Or for a more original look, try a bright, cheerful pastel hue.

Change the faucet or tap in the kitchen room

Give your kitchen a rustic natural touch with an elegant and modern look.

Updating your faucet, is one easy thing to do. Even with this, you will get a change in the look of the atmosphere of the room as well as when changing and decorating it as a whole.


Get the charm of a classic luxury design with Victorian-style molding. The addition of a crown mold that looks very fitting and elegant.


If you are a fan of classic design or classic French decor, or even neo-classical luxury and elegance, a fireplace is one of the main features of a family room that becomes a kind of necessity, though not always. Renew your fireplace by installing stunning classic decorations.


Add a touch of luxury to the main foyer, your living room or bedroom with a charming chandelier. Don’t avoid adding it to a room with more modern elements. Mixing design styles will make the space look more attractive.